Celebrate Literacy Week 2018!

Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida! is scheduled for the week of January 22-26, so mark your calendars now. The goal of this year’s Celebrate Literacy Week is to promote literacy and excellent reading habits in the students of Florida. The 2018 Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida! theme is “Find Yourself in a Book!” With this theme in mind, we are encouraging all schools to participate and encourage students to connect to a favorite book and book character.

TeachingBooks.net is a great district resource for Broward teachers, students, and families to support literacy. The online resource provides an extensive database of literacy resources and tools that enrich K–12 reading and library instruction including:
Opportunities for students to watch, hear and learn from an author.
Integration of authors’ insights into the curriculum.
Connections for families to have meaningful conversations about books.
Resources that excite and inform all members of community about the books being read.

Students and teachers can access Teachingbooks.net through the district SSO Launchpad by clicking on the Student Online Textbook Library Resources button or through Canvas by selecting TeachingBooks.net link on the left navigation menu.